Current Sermon Series



Sundays, August 13-October 1

Lying, murder, sexual immorality, and disobedience are but a few of the sins committed by the Bible's leaders. They were people who had big falls in their moments of weakness, yet they are also people God redeemed and used in powerful ways to build His Kingdom. Their stories are an encouragement when we take a big fall. We are not doomed to repeat the past. God loves us so much that He will rescue us from the darkness and bring us into the light for His purpose.

Paul went from persecuting the early church to becoming one of the biggest proponents of the Gospel. If someone like Paul can be redeemed and used, anyone can. No matter where we are today, we are not too far gone. We have not committed so much sin that we are no longer of any use to God. Remember this: our past will never have the last word over God's vision of who we are or where we are going.

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