Current Sermon Series



Sundays, October 29 - November 26

FORBHM is a movement to inspire a heart for Birmingham.

Imagine if everyone knew God wasn’t AGAINST them, God is actually FOR them because He so loves them.

Imagine if the way they discover God is FOR them is by knowing that we are FOR them.

We are FOR our neighbors.
We are FOR our classmates.
We are FOR our co-workers.

We are FOR people who are just like us and We are FOR people who are nothing like us.

Because God is FOR Birmingham we are:
FOR Birmingham.



Sundays, December 3-24

Christmas songs present us lots of options for gifts for our neighbors, classmates and co-workers...two front teeth, a hippopotamus or figgy pudding.

But perhaps a better choice this Christmas is a gift that lets everyone know that God is for them and we are too. Because we are For Birmingham, this Christmas we can give gifts that make a difference. We can share gifts an angel promised shepherds on a magical night long ago – Good News, Great Joy and Peace on Earth.

In this season of giving and receiving gifts we can share the good news of great joy that God (and His church) is:


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