How To Be Strong


How To Be Strong

Sundays, July 9 - July 30

This July the entire Mountaintop family is worshipping together and learning from Samson How To Be Strong.

We will discover that if you want to be strong, you need to listen to good advice, follow the rules and resist being fooled or bragging. Kids and adults will learn that when God is our strength we can accomplish anything.

If you are joining us online, download the message notes and activity guide below. We have also included the family activity portions for each week below and linked to the digital resources for easy access.

Join us Sundays at 9:30 or 11:15 am on campus or online.

Download Family Message Notes & Activity Book Here


Family Activities


Week One

1. Play the telephone game. Each family member writes down one or two phrases on individual pieces of paper. Then each person takes a turn drawing a piece of paper to start a game of telephone. See if the message can make it all the way around your family and still be the same phrase it started with.

2. Challenge your family to “listen” for sounds throughout their day. When you connect at dinner later in the day report what you heard. See who has the strangest sounds to report. If you have older kids, text sounds to your family members during the day as you hear them. Then spend some time discussing what everyone learned about listening.


Week Two

A fun way to learn about the value of rules is to play a game without rules. Grab a pair of dice or one of your board games at home. Tell your kids you are playing a game. First, try to play the game with no rules and see what happens. Then play again and as a family decide how to play the game with the rules you create together.

Remind your kids that it’s important to have rules in life so we know how to live. Need a board game to play? Click below to download one.

Board Game Download


Week Three

When our foundation is Jesus, we make wise decisions. Read the parable of the wise and foolish builder from Matthew 7:24 - 29 (you can link to an online Bible below).

Then as a family, do this experiment to see what happens. Get creative with the materials you have on hand and have fun!
Step 1. Find a waterproof container and fill one side with sand and the other with rocks (reference the photo above).
Step 2. Draw two houses and affix them to sticks. Anchor one in the sand and the other in the rocks.
Step 3. Pour a large amount of water over the sand and rocks and see what happens to each house during the "storm" and discuss how it relates to what you just learned from the Bible.

The Parable Online

Week Four

Boasting and bragging is prideful. This week let’s turn the idea upside down. Rather than bragging on ourselves let’s look for ways to brag on other people.

You can make it fun by designating a time each day for family “horn tooting” or make trophies/fun awards for all the different people in the family. It is so much better to lift others up than trying to lift ourselves up.


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