Middle School Mission Week

Jul 17 - Jul 19

09:00 am

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  • WHO: Current 6th thru 8th graders 
  • WHEN: July 17 – 19
  • WHERE: Birmingham, AL. 
  • WHAT: Local Mission trip; partnering with local organizations. Students will be staying overnight in cabins at Oak Mountain State Park, and during each day they will be serving at different local Birmingham ministries – with some fun mixed in. 
  • COST: $159

Mission trips are an opportunity for believers to get out of their comfort zones and allow God to use them to pour into others. Seeing God at work in places outside of one’s bubble really helps a believer see just how big our God is, and that He has a heart for everyone- which is something He wants us to have. Often times we underestimate the impact our teenagers can make on the world, but we firmly believe that God uses even His younger believers to grow the kingdom! Our students will be going to minister to others, but they will be getting ministered to as well.