Sandra Stanley on Parenting


Jul 9 | 9:15 am
Jul 9 | 11:00 am
Jul 9 | 12:30 pm
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Sandra Stanley
July 9
Sunday Morning Services
9:15 or 11:00 am

Parenting Workshop
12:30 – 2:00 pm

Workshop and childcare are FREE. Lunch is $15 per person. 

Am I getting parenting right?
 Most parents, at any and every stage, find themselves asking this question.

Whether you’re sleep-deprived with a colicky newborn or navigating the emotional roller coaster of a teenager, parenting has its ups and downs, confusion and clarity, big blowups, and small victories. And no matter our family makeup or our children’s personalities, many of us experience anxiety over our children’s futures and often fear making mistakes.

Andy and Sandra Stanley are no strangers to this feeling. As parents of three grown children and cofounders of North Point Ministries, they are seasoned experts on faith and parenting. Together they have spent decades counseling countless families, mentoring others, and learning from mentors of their own, all while leading one of the largest churches in the country.