Current Sermon Series


Rebuild: A Study of Hope

May 2019

Sometimes in life, the walls fall. The foundations buckle, windows shatter. When the dust settles, we look at the rubble around us and say, “Now what?”.

Nehemiah faced the same predicament, literally. In the Old Testament book bearing his name, Jerusalem has been destroyed for almost one hundred years. Walls gone. Gates burned. No protection from enemies. A virtual ghost town. The outlook is bleak for Jerusalem and her people, and Nehemiah sits in Babylon, comfortable and happy as the King’s cupbearer.

But God has placed a mission on His heart that will not go away. The walls must be rebuilt. Jerusalem must prosper again. Against long odds and enemies without and within, he rallies the people of God and rebuilds the walls in 52 days, proving that when God gives us a mission, He provides everything we need to succeed.

What walls have fallen in your life? What areas need a new coat of paint, a remodel or maybe even a start from scratch? What lessons can the people of Mountaintop learn from Nehemiah as we begin our own rebuild?

God is ready to do His greatest work in your life, home, and church. Come learn about the Architect, the Resources, and the Plan as we Rebuild together.

Sundays at 9:30 & 11:15am

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