Current Sermon Series


Best Decade Ever

January 5-26, 2020

We want to help you make 2020 the best year ever. Actually, let’s make the 20’s the best DECADE ever?

You’ve got dreams for the next 10 years. We want to help your dreams become a reality.

In the Bible, God offers timeless wisdom for the most important areas of our lives. You’ll find practical solutions to make 2020 the best year ever, and the next 10 years the best decade ever and “Arrive" in 2030 on purpose.

January 5 – Finances
January 12 – Family
January 19 – Faith
January 26 – Friends

Sundays @ 9:30 & 11:15am


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The Marriage You Want

February 2020

You know what kind of marriage you want. How do you get there?  Whether you hope to get married someday or you’re married and just want to improve, we want to help. You’re invited this February to discover how God desires to help you have the marriage you want.

Sundays @ 9:30 & 11:15am

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