Current Sermon Series


Mark: The King and the Cross

February 2019

Mark leaves no question about the identity of Jesus. He immediately asserts that Jesus is the “Christ” and the “Son of God.” Christos was a Greek word meaning “an anointed royal figure.” It was another way of referring to the “Messiah,” the one who would come and administer God’s rule on earth, and rescue Israel from all its oppressors and troubles. To refer to Jesus as the “Son of God” was a claim of outright divinity. God Almighty; the long-awaited divine King who would rescue His people; and Jesus—they are somehow one and the same person.

Jesus is not just a king, He is The King but the pathway to the throne goes through a cross.

Starting Sunday February 10 we will explore the life and death of the Son of God. Each of us will be challenged to examine our relationship with a King who gave Himself on a Cross.

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