Current Sermon Series


The Marriage You Want

February 2020

You know what kind of marriage you want. How do you get there?  Whether you hope to get married someday or you’re married and just want to improve, we want to help. You’re invited this February to discover how God desires to help you have the marriage you want.

Sundays @ 9:30 & 11:15am


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Pray Big

February 23 - March 15

Why pray small prayers to a big God? Sometimes, we don't know how to pray or what to pray. Sometimes, it seems easier to ask for something small. Sometimes, we wonder if we are saying the right words.

Yet, over and over, the Bible gives us examples of boldly going to God with huge, risk-taking prayers.

Invite a friend to join you and come learn how God wants you to "Pray Big".

Sundays @ 9:30 & 11:15am

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