K – 3rd grade

On Sunday mornings, we take a small group/large group/small group approach on our journey to discover a Biblical truth each week.  Your child will be placed with the same small group leader and children each week allowing them to build deeper relationships with each other.  When our elementary-aged children transition into middle school we want them to have experienced and own 3 basic truths modeled by Jesus:

I need to make the wise choice

I can trust God no matter what

I should treat others the way I want to be treated

These truths are reinforced each week through drama, music, creative teaching and small group application activities.  We also teach a core virtue each month in order for our children to lean more about God’s character and how they can build these virtues into their own lives.  When we live them out, not only do we understand His heart more, so do the people around us!

Parents receive relevant, easy-to-use, age-appropriate materials to help teach the same concepts from Sunday mornings throughout the week at home.


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