Mountaintop Ministry Partners


Mountaintop Ministry Partners

God is not only FOR us. He is FOR Birmingham. We have the awesome privilege of sharing this extraordinary news with our neighbors. We accomplish that in partnership with local ministries and in the ordinary places of our lives. God is not only FOR Birmingham. He is FOR the world He created and loves. That is why we partner with ministries around the world. We have a special heart for kids and families and our heart is reflected in our partnerships. Each time you financially give to Mountaintop a portion of your gift goes to support these partner ministries. Together we are sharing the good news with Birmingham and the world that life really is better with Jesus.

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Awaken helps people with sexual brokenness and addiction to find freedom, recovery, and hope. People who struggle want answers. “Why do I keep doing this?” “How can I stop?” “What’s wrong with me that I can’t change” They wrestle with serious beliefs and doubts about themselves. “No one is as bad as I am.” “I am a selfish, awful person”. Awaken ministry walks alongside families who are struggling. Awaken also provides resources and support to pastors and churches who want to see people with sexual brokenness be restored. Awaken is located in Birmingham, AL.

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Andrew Capstickdale

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Discovery Clubs

Discovery Clubs are a fun, fulfilling way to spread the Word of God and influence the next generation while deepening their faith. Bible Clubs meet after school in public elementary schools. Clubs are free and teach the Gospel while building foundations for life, developing character and changing our communities. Kids learn the love of God at an early age, as well as how to share that love with the world around them. Discovery Clubs is located in Birmingham, AL.

Mountaintop Contact: Ginny Mills

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Prescott House

Prescott House Children’s Advocacy provides service to child victims of physical and sexual abuse, severely neglected children and children who have witnessed a violent crime. Their mission is to stop the abuse and neglect of children. Until that mission is completed, they will work every day to help heal and restore the lives of victims of child abuse and neglect. The Prescott House is located in Birmingham, AL.

Mountaintop Contact: David Barber

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Sav-A-Life is a comprehensive pregnancy care ministry dedicated to offering free and confidential services in a loving environment to women, men, and families facing an unplanned pregnancy. They offer these services to empower women to carry their babies to term. They are dedicated to putting an end to abortion, not by legal policy, but by supporting one woman at a time, to spare her child. Sav-A-Life is located in Birmingham, AL.

Mountaintop Contact: Becky Swindall

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Safe Water Africa

Safe Water Africa is a 501(c)3, non-profit founded in 2011 with the mission and purpose to empower the local Christian church in Tanzania, Africa by providing safe, clean purified water on church propery to rural pastors, churches and their communities in Tanzania. Safe water can transform an entire community from waterborne sickness and disease to one of focusing on faith, improving health, education, and opportunity-especially for women and children. It changes everything! Our safe water ministry provides two significant blessings to the pastors, churches and communities in Tanzania. Access to safe clean drinking water is one of the biggest humanitarian problems in the world so by providing safe water, we (1) address the tremendous humanitarian need and (2) provide the local pastors with an outreach tool to invite the community to the church to share the clean water and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We like to call it "living water". Safe Water Africa is based in Birmingham, AL.

Mountaintop Contact: Clayton Davie

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Score International

Salvador and Veronica Barrante are located in San Jose, Costa Rica and help mission teams from the United States serve the spiritual and physical needs of the people of Costa Rica. The Barantes minister to the people of Los Guido who live in poverty; 81% are illegal immigrants from Nicaragua. God has given Salvador and Veronica a desire to work with children and youth. They are devoted to introducing the people of San Jose to Jesus Christ and helping them grow into mature men and women who love and serve God - and inspiring them to continue spreading the good news of Christ to their children’s generation.

Mountaintop Contact: Holly Tenison

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Vision For Ministries Inc, Tanzania

VIMI is a non-government, non-profit organization registered in Tanzania in 2008 under the non-governmental organization Act. Their vision is to advance the Kingdom of God by obeying the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation” (Mark 16:15) Joel Rugano, former Mountaintopper, is Executive Director in Tanzania.
VIMI’s purpose is to glorify God by providing financial, humanitarian and educational resources to native pastors and churches in Tanzania. Local pastors have the greatest influence and impact in teaching the word of God to their people.
Mountaintop has taken six trips to Tanzania over the last 12 years providing humanitarian support, theological bible school training, medical clinics, Pastor and pastor wives conferences, bicycle transportation, orphanage support and dozens of clean water projects through a partnership with Safe Water Africa ( We’ve participated in building two churches that are thriving. Mountaintop has helped dozens of pastors and thousands of people with humanitarian support that gives them better, healthier lives and introduces them to the Gospel, many for the first time.
Overview of Mountaintop’s activities over the past 12 years: -Six mission trips, with over 80 members participating.
-Four Medical clinics, seeing over 1,500 total patients.
-Four Pastor conferences, over 500 pastors attended.
-One hundred and seventy bicycles gifted to rural pastors.
-Ten pastors funded for bible school tuition.
-Fifteen clean water projects supported through Safe Water Africa.
-Four orphans supported through secondary school.
-Forty local pastors supported in various ways.
-Ten women financially supported in business startups.
-Two churches built through Mountaintop’s participation.

Mountaintop Contact: Wayne Hudson

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