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If you are considering visiting Mountaintop Church for the first time, we encourage you to come and see what Sunday mornings are like! Our Sunday worship services are at 9:30 and 11:15am. We know you may have a lot of questions and may be somewhat intimidated about coming to a new place. Let us assure you that we want your experience to be as comfortable and meaningful as possible. Below are several questions that are frequently asked about our church. If you have other questions, please contact us so that we can fully answer your questions.

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What type of church is Mountaintop?

Some call us independent while others say nondenominational. We're not much into labels, but prefer to be seen as a New Testament church. To call us that is the highest compliment you could pay!  If you want to read more about our values and beliefs, click here.

What should I wear?

Really, anything you like. Suits and ties are rare; jeans and shorts are abundant. We suggest something comfortable... because that's what we'll be wearing.

Do you have any tips for first-timers?

Sure! If you're worried about parking... don't be! We're a decently sized church but we've prepared well for your visit. You'll find a well-staffed traffic team, multiple shuttles, and lots of help getting the best parking space possible! We have spaces reserved in front of the church for first time visitors, so be sure to let the traffic team know.

Once inside, you'll find lots of smiling faces and helpful signage. Located in our Main Atrium is a well-stocked Coffee Bar. If you need help finding your way to the coffee or restroom, ask one of the members of the Guest Services Team for help. So our suggestion is to come a few minutes early and enjoy the atmosphere.

Do you have programs for Children and Teens?

Absolutely we do!  And if you want to find out more about those programs, check out the videos below this FAQ section!

On Sunday, children's programs are offered during both services. Just bring your children to the downstairs/lower level or check with any of our greeters or the Guest Services Booth in the Atrium. Middle School has a great program during the 11:15 service. Serving is at the heart of MtopStudents and we encourage High Schoolers serve on Sunday mornings at 9:30 or 11:15am in some capacity. High School gathers together at 5pm on Sunday Nights for dinner, worship, and small groups.

What are the Services like?

It's hard to explain. We use many different techniques to communicate the message God has given us. You are likely to find us using contemporary music, video, staging, props, or whatever we can find to reinforce the teaching and to express ourselves in worship. We also offer online streaming of our services and have a good number of online viewers every week - so you will see a few cameras being used to help our online worshipers join us from all over the Birmingham area and the world.


More about our Children's Programs

This is an ordinary place where kids can discover extraordinary things about God.
We pray that Mountaintop Church is a place where kids will LOVE, LAUGH and LEARN as they discover how to love God with all their hearts and how to love their neighbors. We want kids to laugh and have fun as they learn about God at church and at home with their families.

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More about our Student Programs

Sunday Worship Experience

Middle School - 11:15am in the Student Center
High School - 5pm in the Student Center

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1. We believe the entire Bible is the inspired Word of God and that men were led by the Holy Spirit to write the words of scripture. Therefore, the Bible is without error.

2. We believe in one God who exists in three distinct persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus Christ is the second member of the Trinity, the Son of God, who became flesh to reveal God to mankind and to become the Savior of the lost world.

3. We believe that humans were created in the image of God to have fellowship with Him but became alienated from that relationship through sinful disobedience. As a result, we are totally incapable of coming back into a right relationship with God by our own efforts.

4. We believe that the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross provides the sole basis for the forgiveness of sins. Therefore, salvation only occurs when a person places his/her faith in the death and resurrection of Christ as the all-sufficient payment for his/her sin.

5. We believe that followers of Christ should live for Christ and not for themselves. By obedience to the Word and daily yielding to the Spirit, every believer will mature and become conformed to the image of Christ.

6. We believe that God’s plan for the institution of marriage is to be a covenant between one man and one woman.

7. We believe the church is the body of Christ of which Jesus Christ is the Head.

8. The members of the church are those who have trusted by faith the finished work of Christ. The purpose of the church is to glorify God by loving him and by making him known to a lost world.



Mountaintop Community Church began with the dream of reaching people who did not regularly attend church and helping them to become fully devoted followers of Christ. While attending a conference at Willow Creek Community Church, the founding Pastor Dr. Bill Elder clearly heard God’s call to plant a church in Birmingham, Alabama - a church focused on reaching unchurched people. He and his wife Linda, along with ten extremely dedicated people, launched the church from their living room.

The church was initially known as Over The Mountain Community Church, and soon outgrew the living room. During those early years, the church grew rapidly making it necessary to move to larger and larger spaces. The founding members met in a variety of locations from temporary buildings to Berry Middle School. The church’s first permanent location was 7.25 acres in Vestavia Hills; it was at that location that the name changed to Mountaintop Community Church. In 1997 the church purchased 34 acres on an actual mountaintop in Vestavia Hills. The main building on our campus was completed in 2001.

Today the church continues to focus on finding creative ways to share the life-transforming message of Jesus Christ and help people to apply biblical truths in their everyday lives. We are dedicated to partnering with families and walking side by side with them through each phase of a child’s life. We are a church that is for the people of our city. You will hear us say we are FOR Birmingham because we love this city, and we feel privileged to share the extraordinary good news of Jesus Christ with our friends, neighbors, and co-workers. God has blessed our church with extraordinary potential. There are more people to reach, and we are going to say yes to them by showing them we are FOR them. The best news of all is that God is FOR them as well. #FORBHM


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