Welcome to Raising Boys and Girls

If you’re a parent, you already know every child is unique. And you’ve probably experienced how kids can change a lot from one stage of development to the next. Just when you think you have them figured out, everything changes! In Raising Boys and Girls, counselors David Thomas and Sissy Goff break down the development journey for boys and girls into four unique stages. They’ll help you understand each stage and what kids and teenagers need most.

Before you jump into Raising Boys and Girls, listen to a few insights from the Mountaintop Team member that pastors your child’s age group.  Each video is about 2 minutes long. 

The Raising Boys and Girls content is available and FREE through March 31  

Carter McInnis
Lead Pastor


An encouraging word for parents.

Melissa Sanderson
Kids Pastor

Birth to Elementary

Navigating the younger years.

Josh Power
Student Pastor

Middle & High School

The latest research on raising teens.

Jake Davis
College Pastor


The College Years.

Here are three tips as you get started:

  1. Watch the brief introduction.
  2. Check out the video for your child’s or teenager’s current stage. You might also want to watch the next stage to prepare for the future.
  3. Watch the short conclusion for some final thoughts from David and Sissy.

That’s it! We hope Raising Boys and Girls is a helpful guide as you parent the kids and teenagers you love.


David Thomas

Stage 1: Boys Ages 0-4

David Thomas

Stage 2: Boys Ages 5-8

David Thomas

Stage 3: Boys AGES 9-12

David Thomas

Stage 4: Boys Ages 13-17

Sissy Goff

Stage 1: Girls Ages 0-5

Sissy Goff

Stage 2: Girls Ages 6-10

Sissy Goff

Stage 3: Girls Ages 11-14

Sissy Goff

Stage 4: Girls Ages 15-19


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