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For the past nine months, our church has been faithfully praying for God to reveal Mountaintop’s next pastor. We are thrilled to tell you that our prayers have been answered and in September we selected our new pastor and he has accepted the call to serve our church.

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Purpose Statement of the Pastor Search Team

The purpose of the pastor search team is to select our next Senior Pastor whom God is already preparing for Mountaintop. The pastor will help lead Mountaintop to complete her founding mission: to reach the unchurched people of Birmingham with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to help them, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to become fully devoted followers of Jesus.

The Selection Committee consists of our Board of Elders: Doug Mills, Anthony Hill, Rick Harris, David Campbell, Chad Hathorne, Ron Wall, and Pastor Emeritus Dr. Bill Elder.

Dr. Elder is functioning as an active elder until the new Senior Pastor arrives. During this period his main functions are to serve as a director for the spiritual formation of the elders and as an advisor who provides insight on pastor candidates. He also serves as a theological advisor on the spiritual soundness of pastor candidates under consideration.

Five church members, including both men and women and ranging in age from 30 to 72, have been asked to view sermon videos of candidates and give feedback. These members understand that they will not be voting for the pastor candidates, but their feedback will be valued and considered by the Board of Elders.

It starts with prayer

Selecting a new Senior Pastor is vital to the future of our church; for that reason, we believe prayer is the first and most important part of the process. We ask you to join us in prayer as we seek to discern God’s will for Mountaintop Community Church.

We meet as a church every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm for prayer in the Sanctuary.


The elders invited a candidate that is under serious consideration to a formal interview in Birmingham on July 11 and 12. During the visit, each elder had the opportunity to share a meal with the candidate and his wife. He had previously been interviewed via video. Additionally, several elders attended a service at his current church and had the opportunity to see him preach and interact with the congregation. While the general impressions were positive, we do not yet have the necessary approvals among our Elder Board to make an offer. We have decided to keep him as a serious candidate while continuing to look at others.

On July 20, the elders interviewed another candidate via video conference. We have decided to pursue more discussions with this candidate over the next few weeks. Based on those discussions, we will visit his church in person and schedule a formal interview if we feel he should move to the shortlist.

On July 25, we held a video conference interview with another candidate. After discussions among all elders, we decided to pass on this candidate.

We continue to review resumes and watch video sermons of senior pastor applicants. We will move people through the process as we identify men who may be a good fit for Mountaintop. We anticipate scheduling additional video interviews.

Please continue to pray for Mountaintop Church, for the search process and us, as your elders. We need your prayers for guidance, unity, and discernment for God's will.


Pastor Search Update as of Monday, July 8, 2019

Posted Senior Pastor Opening on additional Seminary websites:
- Fuller Theological Seminary
- Columbia Theological Seminary
- Denver Seminary
- Candler School of Theology
- Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

We are continuing to receive resumes and videos from pastors who are interested in the position. Each of the candidates is being vetted to determine their potential match with Mountaintop.

The elder board has identified a couple of new potential senior pastor candidates. The next step in the process will be a video meeting.

There is a formal in-person interview scheduled with one candidate.

We ask you to continue joining us in prayer as we seek to discern God’s will for Mountaintop Community Church.


Pastor Search Update as of Monday, May 20, 2019

- Created an employment tab on the Mountaintop website and listed our Senior Pastor opening
- Posted Senior Pastor opening on search site
- Posted Senior Pastor opening with New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
- Posted Senior Pastor opening with The Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
- Posted Senior Pastor opening with Beason Divinity School, Samford University
- Interviewed two candidates on Mountaintop campus
- Interview scheduled with the third candidate
- Scheduled Elder visit to one of the candidate’s Sunday services
- Vetted 16 resumes received from job posting listed above- a total of 100+ resumes received from all posting
- Continuing to pray for God to reveal His candidate

Pastor Search Update

Take three minutes to listen to Elder Chad Hathorne give an update on the status of the pastor search.

Senior Pastor candidates are evaluated on the following criteria

Experience: The candidate’s ability to lead a church of comparable size or larger; his understanding of most aspects of church ministry; his record of discipleship; and his prior church references and performance.

Preaching Style: The candidate’s ability to deliver a well-prepared message which maintains attention through inspiration and charisma, promotes spiritual and behavioral growth, and leaves a lasting impact.

Biblical Foundation: The candidate’s knowledge of Scripture and his belief in its infallibility, and his ability to teach it and reveal to the congregation new revelations about Christ.

Conviction: The candidate’s willingness to challenge the congregation with Scripture, particularly where Christ's teachings are counter to societal norms and even when such teaching may cause us discomfort.

Discipleship: How the candidate promotes discipleship through his messages, programs, and worship; and how he communicates that growing the body in Christ is a core function of the church and the mission of its members.

Management: The candidate’s ability to lead people and projects, to communicate well with church staff, and to display skills in conflict management and financial management.

Character: The candidate’s strong moral character and beliefs, as demonstrated publicly and privately in his prayer life, his family life, his biblical study, his social values, his management of relationships with women besides his wife and family, and his pastoral motivation.

Approach: The candidate’s plans to advance the spiritual mission and biblical directives of Mountaintop, and his plan to develop disciples for Christ. The candidate’s spiritual gifts will be evaluated to determine if they align with His plans for Mountaintop.

Vision: The candidate’s overall vision for the future direction of Mountaintop and whether it aligns with Mountaintop’s mission, direction, and values as communicated to him by the elders.

Mountaintop Community Church By-laws

The By-laws outline the criteria for the position of the senior pastor and the process of selecting a new leader.

Click here to download a PDF of the By-laws

Pastor Search Process

This document includes the information listed on this webpage and the complete pastor search process as outlined by the elders.

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