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Summer 2020 Preschool Theme



JOHN 20:31, NLV

June and July are all about what we can spy with our little eyes. Get ready for I Spy! It’s a great theme that not only helps us see the things that help us believe in Jesus, but it also goes right along with our VBS theme, Focus. Get it? Focus. I Spy. It’s all about the eyes. We are helping preschoolers see so they can believe in Jesus. We will have one key question and bottom line for June and July. Get ready to ask, “who can believe in Jesus” and respond with, “I can believe in Jesus,” over and over again. Our hope is that each of your preschoolers will have the truth that they can believe in Jesus with them forever.


Check your email for the weekly Bible story & worship video presentations and then enjoy the weekly activities below.

July 5 Parent Guide & Activites

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July 12 Parent Guide & Activities

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July 19 Parent Guide & Activities

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During the preschool years at Mountaintop, we are committed to helping kids discover God. The curriculum we use is simple and fun: repeating one basic truth about God each month. The lessons are wrapped up into one “Bottom Line” – a short phrase that is so easy to remember that it can be reinforced at home. Parents receive relevant, easy-to-use, age-appropriate materials to help teach the same concepts from Sunday morning throughout the week. By the time kids are 5 years old, we want them to believe three basic truths:

God loves me.

God made me.

Jesus wants to be my forever friend.

Our two through five year olds have a small group/large group/small group format.  First, our preschoolers meet with loving small group leaders who purposefully connect during playtime in their age-specific rooms.

Then they head to large group where kids and leaders come together in a fun environment to worship with singing and dancing, and to learn a Bible story told in a creative way.  During this time they will also be learning memory verses, which preschoolers love and really latch onto developmentally.

After large group, children return to their small groups to participate in games, activities and group discussions.  These discussions introduce and the reinforce the “Bottom Line” for the month.

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