Sunday Schedule

We are excited about re-launching Sunday Night Student Services with our brand new programming designed to engage the hearts and minds of each and every student better than ever! Below is our nightly flow.

Sunday Nights:

Middle School Small Groups: 4:00PM
Dinner and High School joins the fun: 5:00PM
Student Service: 5:30PM


Middle and High School Small Groups

Small Groups are kicking off in a brand new way designed to deepen each students walk with Christ! Click the picture to the left to sign up for a group and connect with amazing leaders who will invest in your faith each week!


Covid-19 Virus Resources

Click here to download some GREAT resources on how to thrive as a family during this unprecedented time. We believe that we are put in this position to bring the LIGHT of the world into focus. Check out these links to have better discussions as a family.

Click here for a fun Quaratine Challenge for your student. Let's be honest - you are probably running out of ideas of things for them to do - yep, well here is a fun interactive game to inventivize them.