Sunday Experience

Stay connected with MtopStudents each week. With ever changing methods to reach students, each week’s schedule is emailed out on Tuesday Mornings. If you aren't on the email list, please contact a staff member (info below).

Zoom Church Sundays at 5:30 LIVE Gatherings outside the Student Center

Thursdays at 7:30pm. Movies, Trivia, and Music (Middle and High School and families are invited).


Covid-19 Virus Resources

Click here to download some GREAT resources on how to thrive as a family during this unprecedented time. We believe that we are put in this position to bring the LIGHT of the world into focus. Check out these links to have better discussions as a family.

Click here for a fun Quaratine Challenge for your student. Let's be honest - you are probably running out of ideas of things for them to do - yep, well here is a fun interactive game to inventivize them.


2019-2020 School Year Calendar

The school year is HERE and we could not be more excited! Click the image to the left to view our school year calendar or come by the student center and pick up your own copy for your fridge.

What's Coming Up?

HomeGroups! Click here to find out more about something really exciting happening for High School students. These groups are a great way to go deeper in relationships with each other but more importantly, with Jesus. Locations and times can be found by following the link above.



We are sad to inform you that this SERVE Week will be postponed to a later date this coming summer.