Life is Better Connected

Each of us longs for connection and that need runs deep in our lives. The Connect Classes are designed to help you see how God has uniquely created you for a purpose, one that only you can do. Ultimately we want you to discover how God has wired you so you can make a difference in your everyday life

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Good Friday & Easter Sunday

March 30 & April 1

Easter brings hope for anyone who has ever felt, lost, alone, scared, hopeless or like giving up. Bring a friend who needs to hear the good news of Easter.

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Questions God Asks Us

February 11 - March 25

God invites us into a conversational relationship. He asks questions about the things He wants to talk about with us. The questions He asks have the power to transform us as they draw us into a deeper relationship with Him.

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A movement to inspire a heart for Birmingham.

Imagine if everyone knew God wasn’t against them, God is actually FOR them because He so loves them.
Imagine if the way they discover God is FOR them is by knowing that we are FOR them.

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