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Led by Graham & Helen Lee Miles and Co-Led by William & Erin Minnie |

Sign up for Young Married Couples Without Children

Led by Terry Rendon and Co-Led by Rebecca Johnson |

Sign up for Terry/Rebecca

Led by Ron and Connie Wall |

Sign up for Starting Point

Sign up for Softball-Interest Group (18+)

Led by Allen & Serena Porter and Co-Led by Sylvester & Laureen Makoko |

Sign up for Parents of Middle & High School Students

Sign up for Mountaintop Meals for Growing Families

Sign up for Midlife Singles 40’s-60’s

Leader: Jim Cavale Co-leader: Chris Conner |

Sign up for Men with Children Still at Home-4 Week Group

Led by Chris & Michelle Valeika |

Sign up for Married/Engaged Couples

Led by Jason & Erin Vogt and Co-Led by Matthew & Caroline Busick |

Sign up for Married 30-40ish With or Without Kids

Led by Lisa Self and Co-Leader Kim Kirkland |

Sign up for Lisa/Kim

Led by David & Molly Sutton and Co-Led by Matthew & Whitney Madison |

Sign up for Married Couples With or Without Kids

Led by Emily McInnis and Co-Leader Erin Blackburn |

Sign up for Emily/Erin

Led by Brad and Abby Hamilton |

Sign up for Married With Children

Led by Glen & Teresa Houlditch and Co-Led by Andy & Patty Brown |

Sign up for Almost Retired or Already There

Sign up for MARRIED COUPLES (20-30 YR OLDS)

Led by Matt Davis |

Sign up for Davis Group

Led by Doug Mills |

Sign up for Mills Group

Led by Erica Wilson and Co-Led by Savannah Barnett |

Sign up for Erica/Savannah

Led by Ben & June Cathey |

Sign up for Empty Nesters

Led by Mark & Meghan Duncan and Co-Led by Jennifer Hill |

Sign up for Divorce Care

Led by Steve Brannum and Co-Led by Mike Phillips |

Sign up for Brannum/Phillips

Led by Larry Tipper |

Sign up for Tipper Group

Led by Vici Hamilton and Co-Led by Marion Clough |

Sign up for Vici/Marion

Led by Sumner Carlton & Courtney Ryan |

Sign up for Sumner/Courtney/Kendall

Led by Sherrie Hunke and Co-Led by Shaun Pryor |

Sign up for Sherrie/Shaun

Led by McColl Simons |

Sign up for Young Professionals

Led by Scott and Angela Mains |

Sign up for Young Married Couples

Led by Jake and Haleigh Davis |

Sign up for College Group

Led by Celia Stewart and Co-Led by Jalene Gore |

Sign up for Celia/Jalene

Led by Rick Harris and Co-Leader David Campbell |

Sign up for Harris/Campbell

Led by Marisol Ramirez and Co-Leader Julie Hobbs & Terry Rendon |

Sign up for Hiking Group-Interest Group

Led by Rick Hynds and Co-Leader Dick Atchison |

Sign up for Hynds/Atchison

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