Let’s Be FOR Birmingham Together

Today people are often known more for what they are against than what they are for. At Mountaintop we want to be known for loving the people in our city. We want everyone to experience the life God wants for them through a real, authentic relationship with Him. Our vision is to Invite and Equip people to Follow Jesus.



Looking beyond ourselves

We’ve discovered when Jesus is at the center. He is always pushing us outward.
Out of ourselves. Out of the walls. Out of our church. Out of our comfort zones. Out into our city with the good news of the gospel.

Let someone know God is FOR them

Making a difference in our city seems like a big task, but it does not have to be. It all begins with prayer. Ask God to help you identify one or two people in your neighborhood, office, school, or maybe even at the gym, and begin regularly praying for them by name.
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Loving those around you doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, we think some pretty simple practices can make a big impact. Ask a neighbor to dinner or a co-worker to lunch. Then invite them to share their story. You’d be amazed how many people simply need a friend to listen to what is happening in their lives. 

Loving your neighbor can be as simple as taking in a neighbor’s garbage, mowing their lawn, or dropping off a surprise goodie. 



There are heroes in nonprofits and community organizations throughout our city who provide us with opportunities to make a lasting impact. We’ve partnered with a few local and international organizations that are doing good works and spreading the love of Jesus. Each time you give to Mountaintop, a portion of your tithe goes to financially support these partners.

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We partner with a few international organizations that are spreading the love of Jesus in their neighborhoods. Salvador and Veronica Barrante live in San Jose, Costa Rica, and minister to the people of Los Guido. In May 2022 a group of college students spent a few days learning about the people of Los Guido, loving on them, praying with them, and ultimately investing in the long-term ministry of the missionaries serving the community.

Current Mission Trips


Make sure you stay up to date on everything that is going with the #FORBHM movement and the ways in which we are moving beyond Birmingham to reach out to the world.

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