Vestavia Parents

Vestavia Parents

Hey Mom and Dad,

I’m Carter McInnis, the Lead Pastor at Mountaintop. As a dad of four boys, I know the middle and high school years can be complicated, and teens are growing up faster than we can comprehend. I also know parenting doesn’t come with instructions. However, I know we all want to do our best to get it right. At Mountaintop, we want to help you do that. Melissa Sanderson (our Kids Pastor) and Josh Power (our Student Pastor) have compiled resources to help you navigate the complexities of some of the issues facing parents and teens today. Below, you’ll find PDFs to help you talk with your teens, a link to a great podcast, and a helpful app. We hope you find these resources helpful as we partner with you in raising the next generation. As fellow parents, we’d love to meet you! You’ll find my wife, Emily, and I at most Vestavia football games and track meets cheering for our sons. Feel free to reach out and say hello.

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Raising Boys and Girls, Podcast

This podcast featuring Sissy, David, and Melissa is filled with practical help and a lot of hope. Sissy Goff, M. ED., LPC-MHSP, is the Director of Child and Adolescent Counseling at Daystar Counseling Ministries. David Thomas, L.M.S.W. is the Director of Family Counseling at Daystar. Melissa Trevathan, M.R.E. is the founder and executive director at Daystar Counseling in Nashville, TN.

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Develop your child’s character

with expertise from childhood development leaders, educators, and real parents just like you.

Build an everyday faith

through fun Bible story videos, memory verses, prayers, and conversation prompts.

Establish a lasting connection

by making the most of the moments spent together: morning drives, meals, on the road to practice, and at bedtime.

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Make the most of Middle and High School

This pivotal season goes by fast. While the goal is often to survive these years, Mountaintop is here to help students make the most of them. On Sunday evenings, students meet up with their friends for live music, practical teaching, and small group conversation guided by adult leaders who care about them.

Learn About Student Ministry

If you also have younger kids, be sure to check out what is happening at Mountaintop’s Kids Ministry.

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