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Welcome to Mountaintop Church

We are a community learning and sharing a better way to live.

We are ordinary people who have discovered the extraordinary news that life really is better with Jesus because He makes us better at life!  Every day we are learning (because we certainly don’t have it all figured out) what that means in our homes, schools, workplaces and neighborhoods. And every day we are sharing what we’ve learned with everyone we can – both on the mountaintop and off the mountain in our city, nation and all around the world.

Check us out online or visit us on a Sunday morning to discover what happens when ordinary people are committed to learning and sharing a better way to live in Christ.

Church Activities

Every event and activity on the Mountaintop Calendar is designed to help us learn and share a better way to live (and most of them are a lot of fun too)!

Our Ministries

At Mountaintop “ministry” isn’t another word for “programs.” Ministry is what happens when kids, students and adults get involved and discover that Jesus is at work changing the world and changing lives – including ours!