Strategic Leadership Team

Ben Kuykendall

I have the privilege of serving with the most amazing group of musicians, singers and people that I know. We get the opportunity to show our love and gratitude for who Jesus is through worship every time we meet. I’m incredibly grateful for our team and the people who call… Read More

Glyn Denton

I lead Mountaintop in inviting and equipping adults to follow Jesus and reach our city. I get excited about helping people truly understand that God has called and equipped them to make disciples. I landed at Mountaintop in 2004, and soon after, my life radically changed… Read More

Jake Davis

I’ve always had a deep desire to create and I love getting lost in a good story. “There’s no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” I believe, as this Maya Angelou quote suggests, that we all have a story inside of us that is waiting to be… Read More

Melissa Sanderson

Mountaintop is a special place for my family and me. I started attending as a high school student and quickly grew to love the church. Because of the impact made in my life in those crucial high school years, I love getting to be a part of influencing… Read More